The weighty issue

This morning, whilst doing my usual ‘woken up, what’s happening in the world of Facebook?’ routine, I came across this blog post by burlesque performer Glo Gray.

Take a minute to have a read of it before going on.  

Right.  Done? We shall continue.

Firstly, I loved this post.  I think all too often we forget what our bodies are – they’re merely vessels for carrying round what makes us, us.  We’d be pretty fucked if we didn’t have them, wouldn’t we? Ms Gray’s post made me think about how I feel about my own body, all the things we’ve been through together (good and bad), and how all too quickly we are judged on this vessel.

I have a collection of vases, some are tall and skinny, some are short and dumpy.  Do I prefer one over another based on this? No, because they all look good with flowers in.  They do what they are meant to do, so why do we look at bodies in a different way?

It’s ‘unhealthy’ to be overweight.

No.  That is not necessarily the case.  I, for instance, according to all the BMI, ‘healthy’ weight chart bull shit am over a stone overweight.  If I lost that weight, I’d look ridiculous.  I don’t imagine that being skinnier would improve my quality of life in the slightest.  In face, I think it would make me rather depressed.  How would that be ‘healthy’?  I have no weight related health issues, so how does that extra 1.5 stone make me unhealthy?  Is it because it offends other peoples eyes?  That’s not my problem, it’s their closed mindedness that’s the problem there, and surely that’s more unhealthy that packing a few extra pounds.

Why do people get so offended by people’s appearance?  This is, unfortunately, something I can only speculate on.  Having grown up always being a bit ‘alternative’, I’ve had my fair share of judgements passed on me.  Piercings & tattoos are not ‘ladylike’, pink hair is the most offensive thing you can do, and god forbid you should DRESS HOW YOU WANT TO!  But again, who am I hurting by doing these things?  If anyone, just myself, so why do people feel the need to comment? It’s fear.  Fear of things that are not the ‘norm’. The same as weight.  We have it drummed into us (particularly as women) that ‘beauty’ is tall, skinny, long haired with perfect skin.  I challenge you to find me one of these people on the street.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Certainly not within 5 minutes.  These kind of judgements can be seriously damaging for people, and that is what really pisses me off.

To say to someone ‘don’t you think you should do x, y & z’ is unhealthy.  Do you know that person? Do you know what kind of things they have been through? What makes you think you have the right to judge? Everyone has enough of their own crap going on anyway without ignorant people giving their two penneth on their body.  It’s THEIR BODY. It’s MY BODY TO DO WITH AS I PLEASE!

Having just got back into the dating game, I am amazed at the amount of people that ask for my dress size.  Replying with a simple ‘it depends where I buy from’ isn’t good enough.  There has to be a certifiable number put on it.  Why?  It’s this idea of ‘beauty’ again.  If i feel beautiful, that’s what matters.

I love my curves.  Sure, perhaps I would like to be a little lighter, but I’m not sure if that’s because of all these super waifs that we see on the TV and in magazines every day.  I’m certainly not going to get any taller am I?

Love your body, think about everything you have been through together, you only get one, be good to it.  Be kind to it and don’t give it a hard time.  It’s yours to do with as you please.