This was something I felt I really needed to say, with regard to friendship.  It can be hard being friends with someone who has depression, I know that.  It’s frustrating, and the feeling of helplessness can b overwhelming.  Based on my own very recent experience with someone (this is the first time I’ve been able to talk about it without crying), I just wanted to explain a little bit about how to do the best you can by your friends.

Don’t tell them to buck their ideas up, or fuck off.  It’s really fucking hard to ask for help, and for me, I only go to people I really trust and love.  I’m so hurt by what has happened, but I realise it’s nothing that I’ve done, and it’s just someone else that I trusted when I probably shouldn’t have.

Having said that, there is no ill will, just disappointment and hurt.  I wish with all my heart it was different, but it’s not.  I just have to keep on getting on with things.  If you wanted to get in touch, it would be nice,  but I realise now how unlikely that is to happen, and that’s a real shame because you were truly my best friend.

Anyway, here’s a little video of me rambling (I know I sound like I’m in a tunnel ok!) 🙂



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