How not to talk to people with depression – VLOG!

So today I thought I’d have a little ramble about how not to talk to people with depression.  Over the past 11 years, I’ve had many derogatory terms thrown at me – insane, mental, spaz – to name a few.  We also have the ‘pull yourself together’s, the ‘what have you got to be depressed about’s, and the ‘people have it worse than you’s, as well as many many more.

It’s not attention seeking to want to talk about how you feel with people you trust, but people don’t always seem to be able to understand that you just want to talk about how you feel and not fear judgement or name calling.  It’s not about making people feel bad, or even wanting advice or a solution, it’s just wanting to be open and honest.  It’s hard work keeping everything inside sometimes.  It’s about having someone to trust.

Again, sorry about the audio, and as for the rest of my blog, this is a stream of thought thing, rather than a delicately planned operation.  I use my blog here as some sort of therapy when there is no one that I can go to with my thoughts.  It’s not about making anyone accountable, or having a go at anyone, it’s about getting what’s on the inside out.


4 thoughts on “How not to talk to people with depression – VLOG!

  1. I agree. People offen say to me.

    “Martin, what is you problem? You have no reason to be down today!”

    But the thing is I do.

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