Wow, my last post was December 27th 2014.  That is terrible.  I think one of the problems with this kind of blog, is that it kinda gets stuck in talking about a certain thing, and when it’s not being a problem, there doesn’t seem to be much to say.

I intend to try and keep more up to date with things here though, for my own sake as much as anything else.

In march I moved away from Bromyard after finding out that really, it wasn’t that much different to anywhere else – same shit, different place, essentially.  Too much drama.  I’m not into that, thank you.

I now live in a gorgeous little house which is, quite literally, IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!  It absolutely lovely, and along with a few other things, has really helped me on the road to recovery.  I can see, that in the few months I have been here, I have changed (for the better), and that can’t be a bad thing.

When I moved out to Bromyard, someone warned me that I’d feel isolated…and now I’m away from everywhere, and I love it.  Who knew I was a country girl at heart?!

Before I moved, I got 2 amazing little cats from a rescue centre, and they make my heart bubble with love every time I look at them!  I was told they’re lucky to have me, but I think that works both ways.

I got a proper job near to my home which I absolutely love.

I have also met an absolutely amazing person who I am extremely thankful for.  I’m so glad I kicked my anxiety down when we went on our first date, I would have missed out BIG TIME if I hadn’t (pass the sick bucket!!!)

Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned there.  Think about all the missed opportunities because of stupid anxiety, but then again, that’s definitely not healthy, and leads to a cycle of depression & anxiety itself.

So try and stay positive.  Be thankful for the small things.  Take time for yourself.