Bullying – it’s not big & it’s not clever.

I came across this rather interesting article today.  It talks to 2 cyberbullies who were imprisoned (and fined) for their actions.  Have a read…


I was bullied almost every day of my secondary school life, and beyond, right up until I left the town I was born in.  The reason? I’ll be  honest, I’m not overly sure of that one, but somehow, the girls that were the ringleaders really has some problem with me.  They were younger than me, and didn’t mix in the same circles as I, but they regularly made my life a living hell with their awful, venomous words.  They dripped poison into the ears of anyone that would listen.

Now, many years later, I’m encountering similar people.  In fact, the situation is very much the same – people I don’t know, people I don’t mix with (funnily enough, I have no desire to either!) dripping poison into those waiting ears, and not giving one thought about the consequences.

It’s very reassuring to know that cyber bullying is taken seriously, it can be hard to prove someone said something about you in the street, but with the ability to screenshot from pretty much any device capable of viewing the internet, the odds of being taken seriously by police are much increased.

It is difficult to know how to deal with any kind of bullying, you’re made to feel insignificant at the hands of others who are clearly exceptionally insecure.  You’re made to feel weak by those who need to do so in order to feel good about themselves.  You’re made to feel stupid (really? Being bullied at age 33??!!), but in actual fact, it’s the bullies that are each of these things, and not the victim.  A strong person doesn’t need to make others feel bad to boost their own sense of self worth.

I think the quote from Ms Sorley says it all;

If you’re putting someone’s life in danger or making them feel scared, that’s different to free speech.

It’s not free speech to make threats of violence against someone and their property just because you think, in your tiny mind, that you’re somehow, in the right.  It’s doing nothing other than spreading malicious rumours and gossip, and causing someone to fear for their safety.

I still fail to wrap my head around how anyone would think that this kind of behaviour is normal or acceptable.

I don’t understand how someone would think it is fine to make someone feel awful, but I suppose if they didn’t feel some kind of power, they wouldn’t do it, would they?

Saying ‘ignore it’ doesn’t work.  I tried it at school, and I’ve tried it over this past few months.  Perhaps I should be flattered that I made such a huge impact on their lives in the few seconds they took to yell at me?!

It’s really rather ridiculous when you think about it, isn’t it? Some may say it’s childish, school yard behaviour.

And I’m inclined to agree.  Bullies are nothing more than silly little kids, whatever their physical age.