I’ve been going a bit crazy with the videos today – I think because I can actually upload them (I use my phone’s mobile data to connect to the internet you see, and I currently have 2GB!), anyway, I made a little video about my Go Fund Me, and a little bit about how I came to be in the situation I’m in.

My videos have always been the same, I don’t edit, I don’t script, I just get an idea and then chatter, but I think I get my point(s) across!!!

Thanks for watching!


One thought on “Vlog!

  1. Well. Caught up with your story.

    I’ve been having a rough time of it myself and have not been in employment for a while, otherwise I would happily contribute to your campaign. Perhaps your campaign will still be going when I’m back on my feet. I hope so.

    It made me sad to read about your struggles.

    I don’t really know how many “fresh starts” you and I will need during the course of our lives but we have both had a few….I hope you make it to Stockholm.

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