Things to try when depression affects your memory and concentration

I am a big fan of The Blurt Foundation – they ‘get’ what is like to live with a mental illness such as depression.  The below article gives a few ways to deal with things when depression takes over and we can’t focus. 

I am a big fan of Facebook ‘save link’ feature; it’s often a nice surprise to find things there!

Lists are a godsend, and on the really bad days,  if I can get my hair washed and styled, I’m doing bloody good!

I think,  however, the most important thing is to be kind to yourself. It’s OK to have bad days. Everyone has them. If you can’t do all the things you ‘should’, does it matter? Did you make it through the day to this point? You’re doing well then. 

Forget what anyone else thinks.  If you need a day under the duvet with a shit laid of crappy films, you do it!

Tomorrow is a new day, and maybe, just maybe, things will be a tiny bit better.