I’ve been writing here on and off since 2014, and never,  until now have I experienced hostility as a result.

For some reason,  someone is attempting to use my writings against me. They are suggesting various posts (I’m unclear which though, as they haven’t specified and I haven’t named anyone) are about them and suggesting they have taken ‘legal action’ as a result of my apparently ‘defamatory’ comments. They also suggested that I am not a strong person.

Now, the person in question has never met me, therefore does not actually know me in any way other than having read what is here. They have sent me unsolicited messages via Facebook and email, despite me requesting they refrain from doing so numerous times.  They’re making a special effort to achieve something,  but I’m unsure what, exactly.  They are taking time out of their life to not only read through all of my blog (as I’ve said though – every reader counts!), and send unecessary and spiteful messages. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to say to this person – feel free to put your name to any of the posts you think are about you. It’ll be quite interesting to see which posts you think are about you. Perhaps even think about WHY they have been written too.

I don’t intend to stop writing here, and the messages I have received,  along with the public posts made about me on Facebook, and the slanderous and defamatory remarks made about me have given me opportunity to think, on a very personal level, about discrimination experienced as a result of being diagnosed with a mental illness, and for that inspiration I am quite greatful. 

To use my own experiences to raise awareness of issues surrounding mental health is the reason I carry on writing.

Because I am a strong woman.


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  1. You are anything but a strong woman and I would suggest your previous post about a teacher who should know better is clearly about me. It’s quite obvious . If you would like to know what it truly means to be a. Strong women by knowing me you could clearly know what that means.
    I’m sure this message will never see the light of day but despite what you say I have similar issues, yet as I have children I will support them financially and emotionally as will their step dad despite their biological dad doing nothing.
    I would suggest you seek out the Buddhism of nicherin daishonin who would suggest you have ultimate responsibility for your life and be wise -a little altuirism may help in that you may finally cease to be so self absorbed and put others ahead of yourself – the only cure for any type of mental illness. You may judge me as much as you wish and frankly I don’t care but to speak of what it means to be a strong women- you have no idea. A strong woman is not a poor me neither does she support those who are.
    I am sure your need for acceptance will ensure nobody will ever see the replies to your bullshit which is cowardly and one sided. But be assured by doing so you show yourself not to be strong and self assured as I am.
    Grow up Katy, it’s probably time to stop hiding behind this poor little girl who can not see the bigger picture.
    Your blog by its nature in giving no one a right of reply is the most cowardly thing I have ever experienced and as such I have no time for anyone so cowardly.

  2. Your blog ‘ on being crazy’ is clearly about me. You suggest you are not a bully and such behaviour would be dispicable. I understand you are my ex husbands new partner but I can guarantee any tales abou the wicked women I’m supposed to be are a narrative clearly designed for his own agenda to demonise me. I am a good person who has had to face many of the issues you have but with nothing to fall back on no home, no security, no nothing, yet I have succeeded in every matter, every court case, every semblance of making my life and that of my children work. What I’m trying to say is that when you have others at the heart of your agenda you cannot fail, you simply can’t say I will be homeless and take the time to self care- altuirsm is the only way forward. So I apologise if I offend you but me and my partner work bloody hard to secure our children’s future in the absense of your new partner not doing a Damn thing for them and as such I have very little sympathy for this self- absorbed blog. Do you know many of us have gad, panic attacks and depression yet we get on with it day by day as others are more important than ourselves. alturism the only way forward

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