Respect yourself

Excellent advice.


3 thoughts on “Respect yourself

  1. If you are suggesting that your post ‘ on being crazy is not about me I suggest you tell your readership of which teacher you are talking,

    • Good evening Verity. As you assume that certain post is about you, are you admitting to saying the things covered in the post? I know many teachers…

      • Katie you are so transparent. And if you are truthfully you will accept that I would not even know of you had you not deemed it appropriate to get behind a particularly savage smear campaign on social media started by my ex husband I really don’t have time for bullies particularly those who hide behind a very transparent veil in order to get their point across and do not know me. If you have something to say have the courage of your convictions. I’m sure you are very sweet and would not care if there was no likely hood of you being involved with my children.
        All the best and I hope your life will be filled with less drama future hence. For everyone’s sake. I have no further interest in you or your blog.

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