Support from the Blurt Foundation

Lovely, and relevant email from the Blurt Foundation this morning! I always feel guilty about feeling how I do.

Do you ever feel guilty about your feelings, Katie?

We do.

We feel a responsibility to be a certain way: happy, carefree, determined, energised, fun.

When we’re not presenting that way (which is a lot of the time – especially when depression comes out to play) we feel bad. Guilty, like we’re failing.

Maybe you get this too Katie?

If you do, know this:

You don’t need to feel bad about feeling bad.
You don’t need to be ashamed of your feelings.

Things might be feeling crappy.
You might even be acting a bit crappy.
But that’s OK.

Emotions are natural manifestations of our inner lives: our mood, relationships and circumstances.
Try as we might, we can’t control them with reason or logic.
And stuffing them down doesn’t help. 

Katie – if you’re not feeling how you’d like to be feeling right now, you have our sympathies.
We know how rubbish it is to feel below par.
Entangled in our emotions.

It can be agony.

And the last thing we need when we’re feeling like that is a whole load of guilt on top of it too.

They can be unpleasant yes, but  – this is so important – you don’t need to be ashamed of your emotions.

How you feel isn’t who you are.

Remember that, Katie.

The Blurt Team.