Theweather has been glorious for the past few days, so I’ve been making the most of it by doing SO MUCH GARDENING!!!

I’ve planted out the nasturtiums and sweet peas I grew in the greenhouse and they are thriving alongside the gladioli I planted. I have a little herb garden with rosemary, sage, parsley, Coriander, lemon thyme, oregano and liquorice marigold (who’s heard of that???!!!).

Patty pan squash (greenhouse) were planted out and seeds sown for purple carrots, broccolI and rocket. Radishes were transplanted and lettuce seeds sown.

Today I planted out a pomegranate and a redcurrant bush.

It’s so amazing watching things grow, and it’s given me a real sense of achievement  (plus I get my daily dose of vitamin D!!).

I’m most looking forward to the flowers blooming I think. They’re going to look (and smell!!) Glorious!!!

Hope you’re all enjoying your week so far xxx