A few guidelines

  • If you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut.  I have been blogging here for a number of years, and my ethos has always been to give people a chance to respond to anything I post.  However, unfortunately some narrow minded people like to cause trouble by posting defamatory comments, and even stooping to discriminatory name calling.  Comments have always been moderated, and will continue to be, but any abuse will not be tolerated.


  • If you think a post is about you, please consider the following – Have your actions affected me? I do not name people in posts, and it has become clear that certain people like to think that all my posts are about them.  My posts are about me and my life.  If you think you are being ‘bullied’ by my posts, feel free to point out how, and why, and I will consider editing them, however do not expect this to happen.  This blog is about how certain things affect me, and if you you can relate to certain aspects, then great!  I’m doing my job.


  • I do not intend to stop posting here as it has provided a source of support for me for many years.


  • As far as I am aware, there is no uncertainty surrounding what this blog is about.  I make no secret of the fact I have certain mental health issues, but do not even try to use that against me.  Being open and honest about such things is what is needed, not throwing around derogatory names.  That’s just childish and will not be tolerated.  In doing so, you are contributing to the stigma surrounding mental health.


  • All IP addresses are logged, and all comments are recorded.  Something to bear in mind when posting responses to posts.