Whenever, whatever


A word of advice

Don’t ever try to make out you know anything about me just to try and get one over on someone else.

Some people are despicable and will stop at nothing to try and one up other people.

Get on with your lives, it can’t be a happy state of affairs if you have to spend all your time bugging other people!

Don’t bring me into your petty games.

Notbeen feeling too good over the past couple of days,  so I’ve spent the day knitting, watching films and drinking tea.

I guess this is Delphinias way of telling me she wants some time with her mummy!


This afternoon, whilst my partner was chopping wood for our amazing little wood burner, I went round the garden to see what was on offer!

A total of 11 pears, 4 squash, an aubergine and some golden raspberries! There’s still plenty growing too!

Tomorrow will be spent in the kitchen baking pear & raspberry loaf (using eggs from our chickens) and making a big pot of squash soup.

I love my garden!