Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

Last week we said farewell to the Summer at Equinox, the last festival of the year, and what a Summer it has been!

3 festivals under our belt, not bad considering the last ‘proper’ festival I went to was Glastonbury ’98…

I’ve met some beautiful people, which has restored my faith that not everyone is an asshole.  Had some great times sat around the camp fire, and even tried smores (seriously good stuff – I cheated and used chocolate digestives!).

We spent the first 3 weeks of the Summer holiday with my partners 2 wonderful little girls, who provided much entertainment throughout (as well as being quite a handful at times, naturally!), and I’m looking forward to enjoying time with them more often.

We got a new fridge.  Seriously, the old one was fucked, so the new one is a bloody godsend! It actually keeps things COLD!!!

We’ve grown lots of veggies in the garden, in fact, we spent a huge amount of time out there, tending the squash and aubergines, so we are looking forward to a lovely squash harvest soon.  Alas, my pumpkins never amounted to anything, but I have spooky plans for those patty pans!

My cousin FINALLY got married after what seems like a bazillion years, so I got to see family I’ve not seen for ages (as well as camping in a muddy field in September – we’d been blessed with great weather at the festivals, so this was a bit of a shock, to say the least!).

We went over to Northampton to another cousins 30th birthday party, so again, another chance to catch up with family, some of whom I hadn’t seen for going on for 10 years…

We visited my home town, and had a nice few days in Haworth, which will always be a beautiful place, with some great ales 😉

It seems to have flown by, and we are now coming up to my favourite season.

I love Autumn.

I love how nature seems to throw off the past, in order to grow fresh. It seems to decide each year to take a break. We all need to take heed of this I think.

I love Hallowen!

I love an excuse to have a good old dress up, and have already got my outfits for the parties sorted out!

I’m excited to see what life throws at me next, as I never expected even half of what happened this Summer (both good and bad, but you have to take the rough with the smooth, I guess), so who knows what the next few months hold!

Make the most of every opportunity.  Enjoy yourself when you can.  You never know what’s around the corner.




Big shout out to everyone we keep’s on keeping on despite whatever shit life throws at them.

You’re amazing!

So this weekend has already been very busy. 

Yesterday we travelled across to Northampton for my cousins 30th birthday, which was great! Saw lots of family that I’ve not seen in many, many years!

Today we travelled from There to Yorkshire for a few days.

It’s weird being back ‘home’. It has lots of memories,  both good and bad. 

I feel kind of out of place being here,  but not, as it’s home,  you know. 

Just some words…

A year ago I was living in a 20 something by 7 foot space with my 2 cats and recovering from one of the worst bouts of depression since I was diagnosed in my early 20s.

Since then I have met some of the most wonderful people I could ever hope to.

I have had wonderful times round a camp fire with some of the most beautiful souls I could ever imagine. Thank you to the Green Gathering crew for making my time there so much fun!

Our 3 weekly visitors, who entertained with their songs about Theresa May and the wonderful food (I miss yout guys so much!).

My fabulous work colleagues who help me and reassure me, and have inspired me so much.

The landlord that offers the most wonderful beers, and still keeps having me back!

My partners 2 beautiful children have made the last 3 weeks a whole lot of fun! I’ll miss those little munchkins and their early wake up calls!!

Naturally, my absolutely amazing partner, who offers cwtches (not cuddles or hugs!), and hours of entertainment with his silliness. 

And last, but no means least, all the people that have stuck with me through the ship times, and still offer words of comfort when needed.

This summer has, so far, been amazing. Highs and lows, but plenty of fantastic memories made!

Much love to you all xxx