Happy Anniversary!

Saturday was the year anniversary of first meeting my partner, so I decided to take him away for the weekend as we both deserved a bit of a break. Our first date was in Ross on Wye, and we’d arranged to meet in a tea room, but unfortunately they were full, so I got in touch with them to make sure they had room for us this year! This was all a surprise for my partner and we were both very taken aback by the warm welcome, private table and candle and rose on the table! We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon tea, with the best scones I have had since my grandma’s! For the second surprise, I’d booked us into a nice hotel and fancy dinner! We spent the evening playing Trivial Persuit (we drew one all!) and enjoyed the beautiful setting in the countryside. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic at heart! Our ‘first date’ was super and I’m looking forward to many more years with this fool!


Dealing with low self esteem

I don’t necessarily think all of these work for all people, but there are definitely some good coping strategies right here.

I often recommend writing as a sort of therapy (right here is my ‘therapy’), but meditation doesn’t necessarily work for me.

I try to focus on the things I’m good at, and even congratulate myself when I achieve something that’s on my to do list.

This evening I’ve been having a conversation with someone about non med therapies that has been very insightful. I’ll no doubt write about that soon!


This weekend we had two little visitors again, and we’ve had so much fun!

We went to a friends daughters birthday part in the Forest of Dean!

It was an absolutely beautiful setting, and we saw jays as we drove up to park. The leaves on the trees are a beautiful show, and there was a slight chill in the air as we walked from the car to the gathering.

The girls had a fantastic time, playing with friends, meting new people and climbing on the monkey bars.

It was wonderful to see them so happy, and that joy is utterly infectious!

We had written 2 lists of things to spot whilst out on the woods – I had the scary animals on my list – crocodiles, foxes, snakes, spiders and dinosaurs. I lost that game…

I was a little anxious as I was meeting a huge group of people, many of whom I had not met before, but everyone was so warm and welcoming, it was really lovely!

Last night I escaped the house with a friend to Bristol for an improv comedy night which was so much fun!

Again, I felt pretty awkward as I was meeting a lot of new people, but I realised after a chat with my friend that everyone has these dumb anxieties, we just have different ways of dealing with them. That’s a VERY important thing to remember!!!

It was a really REALLY good night!

I’ve had a great few days. New experiences, new awareness and definitely a new outlook on various things.

And I definitely want to get out exploring more.

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend!

Bullet journal

Yesterday I mentioned using a bullet journal for various things, so I thought I’d show you how I’m going about organising it!

I have a 6 month, month, week & day layout first of all. These help me see what I’m up to at a quick glance, and my day layouts also have a space for a ‘brain dump’ at the end of the day. I use this to write down what’s bothering me, and get it out before I go to bed. I also have space for tracking my mood as well as how much water I’ve been drinking.

I made a double page spread to keep a record of what patterns I have made. It’s helpful for me to keep track of what patters I’ve enjoyed making and any alterations I’ve made!

I have a space for blog ideas for my other blog, which often come to me at random moments, so this will help me keep track of where I’m at with that.

I also use it for keeping notes of things that interest me – for instance RECIPES!

Then I have a space for my monthly budget and savings (not yet finished!!).

I also have a weekly meal plan & shopping list, books I want to read and films I want to see. Always good to make a note of these!

I love the idea and simplicity of a bullet journal, and the beauty is that it can be used for absolutely anything at all!

Hopefully being more organised will help my general mental health, and I’m loving the fact that I have space to be creative too!

Have a good weekend folks!

I love cooking, and I am super excited to have got a slow cooker so I can make loads of soups to keep toasty as the weather gets colder and colder! Soup-er excited?

I love cooking, but when I’m feeling down, the last thing I want to do is be stood in the kitchen over the oven, so this is pretty great for me!

We had some halloween fun last week, and played dress up!

We were little red riding hood & ‘grandma’ for our halloween/bonfire night party.

And Cruella and dalmation for our friends party!

I hadn’t intended on the ‘cruella hair’, but I fancied a change last time I dyed it, and the rest fell into place!

This week I’ve started a bullet journal, in an attempt to get myself organised and get some creativity back in my life. It’s already working wonders, and I can also use it to track my moods, and figure out any triggers, as well as using it to remind me what to do when things are getting tough.

So dress up, cooking and drawing – that’s what I’m up to at the moment!


The nights are drawing in and the mornings are darker, it’s definitely autumn!

I’ve been struggling quite a bit over the past few months with extreme tiredness/fatigue, which is starting to really get me down.

I’m not getting quality sleep at night, and often manage to sleep right through the morning as a result. Usually when insomnia has raised its head, I’ve had zopiclone to get my sleep pattern back to ‘normal’, but I always wake up feeling like a zombie when I’ve taken those.

I am very lucky to have an extremely supportive partner and understanding family and friends that don’t make me feel bad if I can’t make it through the day without napping or if I have to cancel plans last minute.

Had about 8 pints of blood taken yesterday to see if there is anything sinister going on, and if not, who knows what the plan will be?!